What points are valued inside a contest?

I have had the blog very left lately, since additional to the work of rl, in sl have taken part in some contests, already be like competitor or juror. And each of these participations has given me a lot t to think, since it is not the same thing to be of a side that of other one.


As competitor, we try to follow the styling that they ask us with our personal interpretation, and always we do our major effort in order that this one is suitable. But … are we doing it well?


It is vox populi that in tastes there is nothing written, for which the general valuation of the juror will be difficult on if the styling is good or bad. Everything will depend on the concept that every juror has, of the concept of the own participant, and of the interpretation that each one has in its own head. For which … Who has made a good styling? The one who has managed to show the essence of the represented topic? Here, though as competitors it  weighs us to accept it, the qualification is based only and exclusively in how every juror has interpreted the topic, as well as his  personal taste in styling. It is possible to value the fact of having obtained transmit the topic, it is possible to value the type of used accessories, it is possible to value the combination of the above mentioned accessories. And everything depends of each judge.


For good or for evil, every day the topics that are asked in every contest are stranger, more subjective, more interpretive of every eye that looks at it, and especially something that to my point of view is extraordinary: they force Us to investigate, to looking for the topic and to learning new things, thing that on the other hand, it little  matters for many people.


How many additional prims you go? Parts of the wardrobe? Jewels? Do they combine with the garment? Have you chosen the correct hair? Is makeup adapted to the wardrobe? Everybody have their own style,  and not necessarily it is the same that of the juror. And in spite of having the perfectly exact prims, you can obtain a bad note because the juror considered you were too simple or very overcharged.


Other one of the points that take in consideration for the note in a contest, the poses, the nightmare of the immense majority of the models. Here only we must apply with supreme care quite what they have taught us in the academy, and not to remain alone in a safe pose, but to search poses that go according to the wardrobe that we have chosen. The poses, said to me a great expert in this matter, not only they must prevent the prims from mixing, or that the top of the nail gets into the skirt, but they must say to us what we have represented with our styling.  Here we can not make any interpretation, but to the royal knowledge that every participant and every juror has of the poses, and it is at the end what takes a participant more time.  And inside the paragraph of  poses, is the walking animation. How it might be qualify? There is infinity of animations for it, of all kinds and with all the styles. But … what is what more counts? The fact that the hands do not get into the skirt? The fact that the legs do not cross the skirt on having walked?  A can model avoid it? The hands, it is very easy, since there exist animations that allow you to put the arms in any position, at the risk of turn slightly naturally, at the risk of that according to the design, the shoulders get into the necklace, or at the risk of it looks like a stick.  When and according to whom every animation has to be adapted? And with regard to the legs, I believe that definitively here the model little can do, to less clear she is that instead of walking she “slips” on the catwalk.  The legs will cross the mesh wrong made or one inadequately alpha and especially, the skirts flexi will remain behind the model on having walked teaching the legs, and it, though it  hurts the participants and the juror, it is impossible to avoid.


A point that has given for having a great value in some contests lately, is with the use of “accessories” of the avatar, and I refer specifically to the shoes and feet, so many sculpt as mesh, as well as the hands mesh. There is qualified the fact that the tone of the skin in these accessories, is equal to that of the skin that you use. It up to there is marvellous. The problem comes when the one who fits it has the environment in different configuration that it has certain juror As the lighting of the site created by the builder or the facelight that has the avatar aside yours. It has easy solution. But … they will never give the same image two different computers, since it influences the power of the computer, the quality of the graphical card, the monitor and his configuration and even the quality of the connection the viewer and the lag that each one is loading. Though both we put the graphs in ultra, the environment in the midday, and let’s eliminate all the artificial lights, always they will meet different. I can meet the shoes mesh put well in his site, and my neighbor to see my shoes in my hand. I can see my perfectly exact shoes in his site, and another neighbor see them separated from the legs, I can see the color of the skin in the shoes exact to my skin, and someone more to see it clearer or darker.


In my case, I have a powerful computer, with a connection of 10 megas, suffer the normal lag, but not so much as others. My graphic card and my monitor are adapted for a work of design in rl, for which it is an unsurpassable quality to fit textures. Now I ask. Have all the jurors the same technical aptitude in their computers to value if I have done it well?


It is said to us that will be valued by the juror with the graphics in ultra. I do not know anybody who could have the graphs in ultra in a site with lag and many people. It would have to have an excessively powerful computer (thing that habitually in house nobody has), to prevent the chat him from going slowly, that enclosed could move the zoom without risk to fall. For me, this topic must be qualified in photos done by the same competitor. Because the risk moves along, here, of being totally unfair.


At the end, after all the work that every participant does, it is necessary to face to eyes that see the things of different form, already be a matter of tastes or for technical questions and even it might say that they face the sharm or antipathy that it can generate without apparent motive. It is all the same how much you have brightened yourself, all that you have spent … I after valuing all these points, and to know that in spite of what I sit I cannot be evaluated since wanted, I have come to the following conclusions:


  1.  It investigates the topic for that they ask you (in case of being something strange or subjective). And search up to finding the inspiration.
  2. Trust in your skills and do not pay the skills of anybody any more.
  3. Be faithfull to yourself, and like yourself and do not try to like anybody.
  4. Always have a nice word for the whole world.
  5. Do not fall down in gossip.
  6. Enjoys and amuse yourself creating the stylings.
  7. If they do not choose you, do not think that are against you, think what you could have done wrong.
  8. And always, always think that nobody is a golden coin to like everybody.

And as juror? What must we do? How can we value every participant for a contest? Very complicated task, because first we must be 100% objective in our valuations without leaving ourselves to go for things foreign to what we must qualify.


It is clear that the personal taste of every judge has very much weight in these evaluations, but… are we really objective or leave ourselves to go for other factors? What does so much count if you like or dislike the participant? The fact that a participant is known does it influence your decision? What so much counts the designer of the wardrobe that the participant brings? Do we know really the topic that we are going to punctuate?


How many times we have spoken that such-and-such juror is against for not being known, or that favors others that have renown or are friends? And … it does not look like we did the same thing?  Are we really impartial on having judged?


For me, the rol of the juror is much more difficult when he can be impartial, when really can separate the personal question of professional.


I as always will be still amusing myself, taking part in castings or contests that for me are worth it.  Doing everything possible for wining it, but remaining satisfied being able to accept when they have won me and not that I have lost.



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Una chica normal aficionada a la moda, que encontró en Second Life una forma de poder disfrutar de su afición sin saber muy bien donde se estaba metiendo.
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