Start Again

Time ago that I do not write anything. Little laziness, a bit of discouragement for all the things that have been happening in my second life lately.
Disenchantments and disappointments. But as always, I find the good things that bring the bad moments and especially, to know that it makes you grow and mature.
To complete cycles and to close doors, it leads you to initiating new cycles and to opening new doors.
When you go turning to what you are living, to what you are going day after day, when you realize that what you have does not enrich, that brings bitternesses and anger, when others try to decide what you can or cannot do based on emotional blackmails. When you realize that you are more keeping an eye on the needs or desires of others than yours, and that it does not give you any satisfaction, is the moment to change the course.
It was a difficult work to me to take this decision, since in my case, the majority of the times the heart is powerfull than the head, but ultimately, gained the sanity and I decided to give a change in my course. To initiate to row in another direction, where to vary, I also work out benefited.
I remained really surprised on having seen the quantity of supports that I found in this change of course, their words of breath and in many cases, offers of a new direction in my new walk. All these people who supported me, motivated me, consoled me, orientated me, many of them unconditional friends and others that had never thought that they were worrying for me, they have helped me to fix priorities in my second life.
I have set a great goal: To continue learning, to open new doors, to look for new aims. In short, To grow.
Today per today, I am taking part in a contest very praised by some and reviled by others, and at the moment, I feel very satisfied to take part, to do new friends, to learn and admit that I can do more than I have done up to the moment. It is making me believe that I am capable of obtaining big achievements, and that my growth will stop in the moment that I and nobody more than I decide it.
I have had great unconditional help of big models, companions and friends. Always there has been a hand stretched to give me advices, to orientate myself, to explain what can or it is not possible to do in a catwalk. Since inside my objectives it is to be able to do for others what many have done with me. To share this learning. Talk from experience and guide. Because of someon that has nothing to do in the fashion world I was asked to help them in an Spanish Help group with a new Modeling Academy. What better site to be able to share this learning?
A new project of academy, where I believe that we could have assembled experienced teachers on all the areas of the fashion world. My only desire is to be capable to trasmitir this love that I feel for the world of fashion in SL.
I have big projects in my life, someone of them step by step is taking form. I have a lot of illusions in the future. Motivations that allow me to continue in SL.
I Don’t know if my heart returns to try to decide for my head, I expect to manage to obtain the suitable balance sheet, to do the correct things without nobody suffers them.
And to continuing walking!

About Euridice Qork

Una chica normal aficionada a la moda, que encontró en Second Life una forma de poder disfrutar de su afición sin saber muy bien donde se estaba metiendo.
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