More about Lag.

The reasons for the lag are a lot, but I have just mentioned one especially, that is the one that is causing the worst problem today per today and where the people always say: “It does not happen before” and always we blame Linden Labs without realizing that the users also are responsible.

There are zones where the connection does not depend on us, since it is the only one to which we have access. Still in countries of the first world, there are regions where the telephone companies do not have any interest of investing, but since by law they are forced to provide the service, put the indispensable minimal thing in order that does not generate any expense to them, leaving the investments for regions where they have the benefit guaranteed. And If we add the use of lap tops across a wiifii, because it is more comfortable to be knocked down in the sofa that sat before a table, and if as well you say we have the taken opportunist neighbor (I know a case, which not only was stealing her signal, but when she protected it the neigbor had the sauciness of being going to claim it).

The personal computers. Not we all have powerfull computers just a few ones can, though there is many “know-all” in the groups of help that without really knowing your problem gives you “solutions”. Today per today, we are accustomed that they say to us that button to be too tight without worrying for the consequences because of in order that it(he,she) serves the button we are not interested in the explanation, because ” he(she) bores us ” to read or to understand the functioning. And we demand rapid solutions and that does not make us think. In my case, I remember sepending with you the whole evening checking from the configuration of the visor, up to the configuration of the graphical card to adapt it to SL. As you know, I am curious, and do not remain with the simple “this is it” but I look for an explaniton of why must be like that and if really it will solve the problem or will benefit the yield. (I have discovered new things for speaking with authentic understood on the viewers like you are) and realize of that if I look for the correct answer, and I dedicate time to it, I find solutions.

As users, there are things that escape to our control like the capacity of the servers of SL, or the software that does that Second Life works, the connection or even the capacity of our computers since our economy does not allow us to update it. But we can do a lot to improve the ” quality of life ” inside the virtual world. You mention the particles. In my case, I do not see any, since I have them deactivated, but against what is thought, the particles in yes same, they are not creative of lag, since the scripts are simple, and the texture is very basic, and being the same texture, is all the same if it is a particle or 5000, on the texture having been recognized by the servant, stops generating problem (when you stop seeing the gray particles will stop being the principal responsible of lag.

Second Life’s major development for the quality of image, are the users which have obtained it, the creative ones, the developers of objects, scripts, etc. The only thing that Linden Labs has been doing is putting patches to a system that about its origin was thought as a simple social net in 3D (chat). We can say that for Linden Labs, the most important thing is the income instead of the users’ comfort. It works out more profitable for them that we have Second Life invaded of mesh to teaching ourselves to use the textures for what SSA was installed, since to upload a quality texture costs us 10 L whereas a basic mesh costs you 40 L. From the SSA there was updated versions of viewers (making them heavier), where in the edition of textures we find 3 basic types of textures (diffuse, normal and speculate) and we do not know what they mean, because nobody has said to us… because nobody has taught us … because we have not bothered to investigate. Only we ask in the groups of help, which one we use (and if there is someone who wants to give explanation of which is which, they keep silent and say it that it is not interested) to return to it of ” pressing the button “. And to use the textures to give major quality, though you can use her like, we return to the same problem: The software that Second Life uses, needs that you raise your quality of graphs and have the shades activated to be able to use the correct texture and have image of relief (Meli Imako, has published an advice to be able to enjoy the textures you will speculate, but unfortunately 95 % of the users of sl, cannot walk crossing world with high graphs and the advanced way of lighting with lights and shades activated).

You talk about the projects “CDN” and ” HTTP Pipelining ” (still unknown for me, but already I will investigate) that sounds to me that it can be another patch as SSA that alone will cause that the viewers are heavier, without giving a real solution to the majority of the users, since every time it needs of more powerful PC’s.

We think that using textures of great size (1024 and 2048) will give us better quality. What we do not think is the weight that these textures have. The server of SL will be slower in recognizing them (that is why SL does not accept bigger textures) and after the server recognizes it my computer will load before a texture that weighs 500k and will take longer, causing that my viewer get blocked, when it wants to load a texture that weighs 3 megas one, in objects of small size like jewelerly thinking that it will give major quality (In my case for safety questions ” anticrash” I have activated the option to discard bigger textures to … by what all these textures are discarded directly avoiding that my computer “congestione” this way that when there are objects and textures superior to certain size, simply I do not see, or I will see gray of for life, since this has helped me and do not think to change it). Even I have seen alphas with a quality of 1024 (they are the alphas that are slow in loading), and I wonder … so many quality not to see anything? Or to use textures of 2048 in a nanoprim where a texture of 256 would do the same effect and would be late less in loading?

We, as users are responsible to a great extent from what we suffer with the lag. I put a very clear example where the only thing to that I listen they are complaints of lag. Who has not gone to Collabor88? When you finally arrive, the things take to long loading, you have frequent crashes, your lindens disappear, scarcely you can move, if you take a demo, you you cannot try it in the same shop… And yes, it is necessary to go with a fantastic outfit and great styling, with all our huds and hyperactive AO’s just in case if there appears someone whom I want to hug, for if there is some vampire who could absorb the blood, for if you can rescue someone from whom the demons have stolen the soul, with the GM for if I meet an enemy of my tribe, the cat and the dog, which I cannot leave them alone in house, it is necessary to take them to walking, with your small dragon in your shoulder to show the lovely thing that is, with all the scripts of the hair and jewels activated, and certainly, the body mesh, or the lolas tango and the path ass, the feet and hands slink, and the scripts of the “panzitas” are not absent in order that the people find out that you are pregant or if already you have given birth, with the baby in arms ” doing cutenesses ” in order that the people look at you. And with all that, we are still complaining and throwing faults to the persons in charge of Collabor and / or Linden Labs? Seriously? We think … well… I I take it nothing happens. The problem is about that 40 avatars around you have thought the same thing.

We must learn that to a large extent, the solution or great part of it is in owr hands, especially when we go to crowded places. Deleting the scripts of the objects that we wear, not putting (turn them off uses as anything) so many huds that are not needed (I don’t care a pepper that they absorb blood that I do not have, or that steal the soul of my avatar) not using gestures in excess (also they generate lag and prevent from socializing), not carrying with pets and others added that ultimately nobody will manage to see, choosing AO’s with minor movement (the movement of an avatar also generates lag) using textures adapted to the size of the objects, not using excess of mesh in constructions and decorative objects.

As my Grandma used to say: “We all are the solution”

About Euridice Qork

Una chica normal aficionada a la moda, que encontró en Second Life una forma de poder disfrutar de su afición sin saber muy bien donde se estaba metiendo.
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