What’s going on with lag?

There is a lot of time that we are saturating SL with mesh items, we all are happy because the constructions occupy fewer prims and have better quality, the clothes mesh well done, are beautiful, and what to say about the body mesh and its complements like feet and hands.

I am a very curious person and like to be investigating, and fortunately, have a husband inside the world of the 3D design programs so that is why I know how the mesh works in SL (though I cannot do them).
We complain a lot about the quantity of lag that exists. We complain from that we come to any site with many people, and they never rezz complet… you see them naked, with the feet in the hands, with half a hair, they never loading textures, dresses floating in the air, etc etc.

Do you know the reason?
I am not going to give technical explanations that sometimes I myself do not even understand, but I believe that the images and the comparison that I will make will be able to give an idea of what happens:
In the photos, they are two different SL avatars, that the one on the left side with the body mesh, and the right with the normal shape.
What we see is the mesh, all these triangles that are joining and deforming to give the form that we want. Among more triangles, more definite and perfect it is the figure, among more triangles and smaller, more rounded there stay the shoulders, the knees, the breasts. It looks really beautifull.

What is the cost?
Every little triangle is the equivalent to a mathematical operation and of calculation that the server of SL has to do. To major perfection, more calculations, to more calculations, major slowness. It without counting that with every movement, the calculation returns to begin.

When the place at which we are going is built in mesh because it remains divine, and the people come with hands, feet, shoes, dresses, bodies, hair, heads, jewels, everything in mesh, and loaded of scripts with the ao, huds and others… We all have lived through the result.

It is not a question as that SL puts more powerful servers, that it would help, but also of that they change the software that use. The last model of computer serves of nothing if it as spreadsheet continues using Lotus, because the operating system does not allow the use of Excel. They would have to begin of zero (thing that already is doing with the new platform) and that in the system that we know is impossible.

If to the problems of the SL servers, we add that the majority of us, the residents of SL we possess standar computers (since very few ones can have the oportunity of changing their PC every year) we meet affected seriously suffering instead of enjoying our stay in sl.

I insist, I am charmed with the mesh, it seems to me that the perfection is reached in the development of 3D in sl.
But I believe that we must start limiting the use of mesh in many things, especially in very crowded sites.




Snapshot_289 Snapshot_286 Snapshot_290

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Una chica normal aficionada a la moda, que encontró en Second Life una forma de poder disfrutar de su afición sin saber muy bien donde se estaba metiendo.
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