Fashion World in SL, A dead world?

It is almost two years that I come reading and listening in different sites, that the fashion world is dying.
Those who assure this, blame the models because they are not “updated”. That the academies teach them not to use parts of body mesh, or that many agencies “prohibit” the use of the mesh.
This speech was valid year and a half ago and both points of view were worth. On the one hand, the body mesh is more aesthetic than the system, but if you use a set of turtle neck, long sleeve and trousers, the body mesh does not helpsfor anything. In that time not the whole clothes were adapted for the mesh bodies, and it was not so easy to fit the alphas. When they started going out the heads mesh an infinity number of model were raised to the car of the mesh heads, some of us reject them, simply because we did not want to lose identity.
Nowadays, I still do not know any model who does not have at least a body and a head mesh, for which the speech is not valid. I don’t know which academies continue suggesting not to use of the mesh (in which I know, none, and I devote myself to the education). That agencies prohibit the use of body mesh? What I know, whenthe bento began, were suggested that they should take care of the use of the mesh for bento, because not the whole world had updated their viewers and not all the viewers could with bento. for which it complicates the objectiv of a show that is simply that the whole world is capable of seeing what you are showing. And the truth, as agency, or as public, I was there to see the clothes that they present, not if they already has mesh head, because it is on what less I concentrate. I look for the complete styling, and believe that to most of the public, is interested in seeing the new launchesof such-and-such designer. Because today per today (and for any time already), the interest in a show, they are not the models but the clothes that one presents. If you go to a show just to see who has a new face… better to make a party, is cheaper.
Since the beginning of the mesh body and head, always there have been models who have been totally updated, and arising day after day new models who were born in the epoch of the mesh. I do not speak about minorities, but about majorities. If the problem was this … the fashion world would continue as is we knew it, doing shows every week, simply stopping out to whom had not wanted or could (for economic questions) to get up-to-date. And if this it is the problem for a designer, simply to put the condition of which all the models must use bodies and head mesh.
I am sorry, but this argument is not valid for me, saying that the fashion world is dying. Let’s not throwthe fault to the models, though it is the easiest thing.
We have more creators than never, creators who have could adapt to the change, which designs have been adapted to what the whole world wants to use, for mode or for taste, even raised to the car of the bento. Though certainly, there are almost everything, like in medicine.
There is more exhibition that never of all these creations. The social networks if they are well used, are the best advertising for any creator, thanks to the Bloggs, Flickr and FaceBook.

Is the fault of the agencies? Because of bored shows, or so spectaculars that nobody saw anything?
It is more than one year that ended the monographic shows (of an alone designer) that the whole world wanted to be there to see the new creations (yes, the designers were dedicating many months to creating at least 6 or 7 new designs for this show). And then, it changed for the “fashion weeks” where there were at least 2 daily shows with 4 or 5 creators in every show and not the whole clothes were an exclusive creation.
There are proliferating the thematic and not thematic events al around sl, monthly, or annual Events (and between averages), where the designers only have to present a new creation in every event that they participate. There are events where they demand exclusivity in the designs, they demand that they are original creations and not full perm mesh bought, others where they are not so restrictive. Events, where the cost is really acceptable compared with the price that the agencies charge to the designer. Events where at least they have 3 weeks of exhibition, with public of all the areas and worlds inside sl and direct sale, against an hour of exhibition (and without qualit guarantee of appraisal through the fault of the lag) where 90 % of the public is members of the fashion world, or relatives of the models participants or staff of the agency for then (if you remember yourself which is the design that you liked) to be going to the shop to look it, if you are not a friend of the creator and ask him to give it to you for blogging.
The events guarantee you at least to recover the investment, and depending on the quality of your product and that is of the taste of the public (who not always goes of the hand) you can fill your pocket of lindens. Because ultimately, the creators devote themselves to this, to win lindens, that in many cases is areal money that they take to their houses.

It is necessary to accept that the fashion world is not dying, is more alive than ever, simply we have to accept the fact that it has changed radically. The designers already do not need the models (with head or without head mesh, simply they do not need us), they have great photographers, big bloggers that do the advertising work for the simple cost of the garment or the payment of the photo. And though they do not want to have bloggers, the simple fact of taking part in big events like Collabor, Three Chic, Uber, Kustom, Shiny Shabby, Cosmopolitan, Swank, etc … they already have all the exhibition they need. Because along every event hundreds of people circulate every day.
The fashion world dying, what has died is the concept that we had of the fashion world, and as well they say … in spite of being updated externally, we must get up-to-date within and accept that already it is not what it used to be, it is a totally different concept from the one that we knew.


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Una chica normal aficionada a la moda, que encontró en Second Life una forma de poder disfrutar de su afición sin saber muy bien donde se estaba metiendo.
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